Patch 3.1.1 inc!

Patch 3.1.1 inc!

Beitragvon Koris am 21.04.2009 10:01

Von mmo-champion:

Ulduar 10-Man
Ignis - Scorch now inflicts 3770 to 4230 damage. (Down from 4713 to 5287)

Ulduar 25-Man
Ignis - Scorch now inflicts 6032 to 6768 damage. (Down from 7540 to 8460)
Thorim - Lightning Charge now inflicts 17344 to 20156 damage. (Up from 13875 to 16125)
Thorim - Chain Lightning now inflicts 4625 to 5375 damage. (Up from 3700 to 4300)

Ulduar Hard Modes
Flame Leviathan - Tower of Frost now increases health by 50%. (Up from 25%)
Flame Leviathan - Tower of Storms now increases health by 50%. (Up from 25%)
Flame Leviathan - Tower of Flames now increases health by 50%. (Up from 25%)
Thorim - Sif's Frostbolt Volley now inflicts 11250 to 13750 damage. (Up from 9000 to 11000)
Thorim - Sif's Frost Nova now inflicts 14138 to 15862 damage. (Up from 9425 to 10575)
XT-002 Deconstructor - Heartbreak now increases damage by 35% (Up from 30%) and health by 45% (Up from 40%)

Death Knight
Anti-Magic Shell now absorbs magical damage up to a maximum of 50% of the Death Knight's health. (Down from 100%)

Fel Synergy now give you a 50/100% chance to heal your pet for 15% (down from 50/30%) of the amount of spell damage done by you.

Und noch andere Hotfixes:

Keep in mind that some of these changes may not be active until after the server has been restarted.

* The Saronite Animus in the heroic General Vezax encounter has had its health increased.
* The Mimiron hard mode has received the following changes: increased damage from Flames, increased damage from Frost Bomb (in heroic), increased damage from Water Spray, and increased the health bonus he receives from Emergency Mode.
* The damage bonus of the Frozen Power talent should no longer affect boss creatures.
* The buff players receive from Tenacity in Wintergrasp is now stronger.
* Stoneclaw Totem should no longer put a shield on hostile targets.
* The damage from a Clockwork Sapper’s Energy Sap ability has been decreased.
* General Vezax’s abilities, Mark of the Faceless and Shadow Crash, may hit players in melee range depending on the situation and player setup.
* Players should no longer be able to quench the Unquenchable Flames debuff from a Molten Colossus by using spells like Cloak of Shadows or Divine Protection. The Molten damage from when Iron Constructs turn molten has been reduced, the ground damage from Scorch has been reduced, and the total health of Ignis himself has been reduced.
* For Ignis the Furnace master, Strength of the Creator will now only affect physical damage and he will have to wait for a short time to charge after casting Flame Jets.
* Katherine Lee should no longer be attackable in Dalaran, meanies.
* Shattering Throw will no longer consume an extra 25 rage.
* The heirloom item, Discerning Eye of the Beast, will now return mana at any level.
* The item Gauntlets of the Wretched can now be sold or disenchanted.
* All of the additional creatures spawned during the XT-002 Deconstructor encounter can now be snared in either difficulty.
* It will be slightly more difficult to skip Tympanic Tantrum on XT-002 Deconstructor.
* For the Hodir encounter, the damage from Champion of Hodir’s Freezing Breath has been reduced, the haste effect from Starlight has been decreased, and the timer for the hard mode has been decreased.
* For the Thorim encounter, the Runic Colossus should stop channeling Runic Smash once engaged in combat, the Dark Rune Champion should no longer whirlwind after being disarmed, and the Runic Colossus should no longer melee when it charges.

Oh, und am Mittwoch kommt S6.
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Re: Patch 3.1.1 inc!

Beitragvon Venhinten am 21.04.2009 13:05

jo, und die skillungen werden resetet, so ein dreck...
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